Safe Curtain®

Driving without plug-in lathe


The patented FABRI-MOLL Safe Curtain® load securing of the second generation, together with special bodies, enables you to transport your load completely without lateral plug-in lathes. These bodies must be certified according to DIN EN 12641-2. In the driving dynamics test, our Safe Curtain with Kögel and Krone bodies met all the requirements. This means that your beverage, volume and pallet transports arrive at your customer quickly and safely with form-fitting loading.

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Safe Curtain®

Fahren ohne Einstecklatten


Die patentierte FABRI-MOLL Safe Curtain® Ladegutsicherung der zweiten Generation ermöglicht es Ihnen zusammen mit speziellen Aufbauten, Ihre Ladung komplett ohne seitliche Steckbretter zu transportieren. Diese Aufbauten müssen nach DIN EN 12641-2 zertifiziert sein. Im fahrdynamischen Test hat unsere Safe Curtainplane mit Kögel- und Krone- Aufbau alle Anforderungen erfüllt. Somit kommen Ihre Getränke-, Volumen- und Palettentransporte bei formschlüssiger Verladung schnell und sicher bei Ihrem Kunden an.

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Heike Schmidt
Tel.: 0 27 21 / 95 76 34

Steven Schunke
Tel.: 0 27 21 / 95 76 23

How it works:

With the FABRI-MOLL Safe Curtain®, the load is secured by high-strength spring steel strips that are connected to the tarpaulin. These spring steel strips are flexibly connected so that the tarpaulin gives way if the load shifts. This distributes the force over the entire tarpaulin. In the worst case, rigid connections can break here. This ensures optimal handling of the sliding tarpaulins.


The FABRI-MOLL load securing system meets the following guidelines and standards:

  • TÜV Nord in the driving dynamics test
  • VDI 2700, 2701
  • EN 12195-1
  • DIN EN 12641-2 static and dynamic
  • DIN EN 12642 up to 140 km/h
  • Directive DCE – RL. 9.5


Our FABRI-MOLL Safe Curtain® received the BG RCI Vision Zero Award 2018 in the traffic safety category. Here you can watch the video with the technical details (german).

Your advantages:

Our Safe Curtain® load securing system will not let you down, you can rely on that. Enjoy these benefits now:

  • With certified bodies according to DIN EN 12641-2, driving is possible completely without plug-in lathes
  • Optimized handling when loading and unloading
  • Increased road safety: the load is held by the tarpaulin if the frame breaks
  • The function of the sliding tarpaulin is not impaired by vertical spring steel strips
  • weight saving
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