Webbing for anti theft tarpaulins

The FABRI-MOLL webbing for security wire tarpaulins is the future of anti-theft protection. Our unique webbing with steel wires makes the production of an anti-theft tarpaulin feasible for everyone. Without special tools and without special knowledge for assembly. This saves time, material and money.

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How it works conventionally:

With conventional safety wire tarpaulins, pockets made of tarpaulin are welded onto the inside and steel wires run through them. In this way, a close-meshed net is applied, which prevents or significantly slows down the tarpaulin from being cut up over a large area with a knife. This is an additional work step, which of course does not occur with a standard side curtain without anti-theft device. The assembly is complex and the welding machines have to be adapted to it. The application itself also requires experience and special manual skills.


How it works better with our webbing:

Das FABRI-MOLL Planband für die Diebstahlplane machen die eingewebten Stahldrähte aus. Die Beschaffenheit macht die Diebstahlplane extrem sicher.
FABRI-MOLL Planband für die Sicherheitsdrahtplane

We have further developed our webbing and woven steel wires directly into it. This means that the cut protection can be attached at the same time as the straps that are required anyway are welded on. This not only saves the additional material for the bags but also the complete work step of the additional assembly. With the FABRI-MOLL webbing for wire tarpaulins, all side curtains can be equipped with basic cut protection as standard. Depending on the requirements, this is then made up more closely using additional flat tape strips.

Another key benefit is the improvement in load securing properties. At the same time, the additional straps give the tarpaulin significantly greater stability. Of course, our patented cut protection is tested and certified by TÜV.

Technical details:

  • 2 strengths: 1,300 kg and 700 kg
  • Suitable for hot air machines
  • 4 standard colors: black, white, light gray, dark gray (custom colors available on request)
  • Webbing widths: 48 and 25 mm
  • Roll length: 100 m (roll lengths of 30 m, 50 m, 70 m, 200 m also possible on request)


Advantages of our webbing for wire tarpaulin:

  • Integrated cut protection
  • Easy assembly
  • No functional impairment of the tarpaulin
  • produced in Germany
  • fast delivery

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