Webbing / truck tarpaulin tape

Because we cannot buy any webbing on the market that meets our quality and load requirements, we have developed the FABRI-MOLL webbing for truck tarpaulins. We manufacture our PVC-coated, weldable webbing in DEKRA-certified quality in our own weaving mill. Less stretch compared to conventional webbing creates a significant improvement in safety.

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Olaf Hochstein
Tel.: +49 27 21 / 95 76 12
E-Mail: o.hochstein@fabri-moll.de


Weil wir auf dem Markt kein Gurtband erwerben können, das unseren Qualitäts- und Belastungsanforderungen entspricht haben wir das FABRI-MOLL Planband entwickelt. In unserer eigenen Weberei stellen wir unser PVC beschichtetes, schweißbares Gurtband in DEKRA zertifizierter Qualität her. Eine geringere Dehnung im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Gurtbändern schafft eine signifikante Verbesserung der Sicherheit.

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Thorald Keim
Tel.: 0 27 21 / 95 76 0
E-Mail: t.keim@fabri-moll.de

Karin Welzel

Tel.: 0 27 21 / 95 76 22
E-Mail: k.welzel@fabri-moll.de

We also use our webbing for our own series production of truck tarpaulins and therefore know what is important when it comes to assembly. The tape and the coating are specially tailored to the welding processes and ensure fast and optimal weldability.

Technical details:

FABRI-MOLL Planband. Das Gurtband für Planenmacher
  • 3 strengths: 2,400 kg, 1,300 kg, 1,000 kg and 700 kg
  • Suitable for hot air and high frequency machines
  • 4 standard colors: black, white, light gray, dark gray (custom colors available on request)
  • Webbing width: 48 and 25 mm
  • Roll length: 100 m (roll lengths of 30 m, 50 m, 70 m, 200 m also possible on request)

Webbing variants:

We have further developed our webbing for the production of anti-theft tarpaulins or the production of sliding roofs and roof tarpaulins:

  • Webbing for wire tarpaulins
  • Webbing for the production of roof tarpaulins

Advantages of our webbing:

  • less stretch for more security
  • produced in Germany
  • approval by leading vehicle manufacturers
  • faster weldability
  • fast delivery
  • best price performance ratio

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