Webbing for roof tarpaulin

We have developed a special version of our tarpaulin webbing for the production of curtainsiders with sliding roofs, full tarpaulins or sliding frame roofs. Our webbing for roof tarpaulins replaces the retaining strips or welded corners made of tarpaulin. At the same time, the stability of the roof increases.

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FABRI-MOLL Planband. Das Gurtband für Dachplanen

Using a special weaving technique, we produce a 9.6 cm wide, weldable webbing for truck roof tarpaulins in which tabs are woven every 2 cm. This means the strap can simply be welded onto the hood and the buckle straps can be pulled through. The time-consuming assembly of conventional weld-on corners is no longer necessary. This reduces your manufacturing times and thus the production costs of the convertible tops. If a flap should tear out due to external influences such as wind, the tarpaulin can be securely fastened again simply by moving the strap. In the case of minor damage, extensive repairs in the workshop are therefore not necessary. By using our webbing, the connection of the belts is significantly stronger and more durable than conventional products made of tarpaulin. The product has already been tested and approved by Krone and Edscha.

Technical details:

  • Suitable for hot air machines
  • 4 standard colors: black, white, light gray, dark gray (custom colors available on request)
  • Webbing widths: 96 mm
  • Tab spacing: approx. 20 mm
  • Roll length: 60 m, suitable for a roof tarpaulin of a standard trailer (other roll lengths also possible on request)

Advantages of webbing for truck roof tarpaulins:

  • Significantly reduces assembly work
  • High resilience
  • Easy repair
  • produced in Germany
  • fast delivery

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